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Local towing services have seen it all when it comes to accidents. With a lot of drivers on the roads, there are always going to be inherent risks when driving, but there are particular times that are much more dangerous than others. Here are the most dangerous times to drive.

  1. Evening Rush Hour

While morning rush hour is also a dangerous time to drive, evening rush hour edges it out because of the sheer volume of drivers that are now tired after a long day’s work. This, along with the added focus of getting home as quickly as possible, makes even rush hour the most dangerous time of the day for driving.

  1. Saturday

Traffic fatalities are at their highest over the weekend, with Saturday having the most accidents. The number of fatalities on a Saturday is almost double the average for weekdays, which makes sense if you consider the higher number of vehicles on weekends, especially Saturdays.

  1. Summer

Among the most dangerous times of the year to drive in is the summer with August and June being the most dangerous, followed by September. Summer vacations have a big role in this, especially with younger drivers, leading to a higher number of accidents in these months compared to any other.

  1. Fourth of July

Most national holidays are dangerous times to drive but the 4th of July has long been one of the most dangerous. Festivities have a role to play in this, together with the fact that a lot of people are off work and are probably off to somewhere to celebrate.

  1. Holiday season

The holiday season starts around Thanksgiving and runs until after the New Year, and these are some of the most dangerous times to be on the roads. Families around the country travel far and wide to be with loved ones over the holidays, and the roads are much busier as a result. This makes driving dangerous especially Christmas and Thanksgiving.

  1. Winter

This goes hand in hand with the holiday season, as the winter weather coincides with the festive period for most of the country. Because of Helical Piers winter weather, roads become very dangerous, with ice and snow causing a huge number of accidents. Not all areas of the country are going to suffer from severe winter weather, but those that do face increased dangers on the road.

When we hop in our cars and go about our day, we are very much likely thinking about everything that we need to get done. There is the stress from work as well as impending Atlanta Towing Near Me | Morosgo’s ® deadlines. There is often an endless list of tasks we keep playing in our heads over and over. We can, at times, be focused on everything but driving. The very act of driving can become monotonous over time, but that is proving to be a dangerous thing.

A new study from Avvo analyzed data provided by Excel Digital from the Fatality Analysis Reporting System in 2016 to see how many crash-related fatalities happened across the United States. Depending on the time of day, month and location, the data shows that we are exposed to varying levels of risk during our travels. It is surprising to see car crash deaths happening over 85 percent higher during the work rush hour between 4:00 pm and 6:59 pm and more in the evening than during the morning rush hour between 7:00 am and 9:59 pm.

Some states are also fare worse than others when it comes to car-crash fatalities. Mississippi tops the list of top 5 deadliest on all seven days of the week. The absolute highest incidence of fatal accidents occurred on Saturdays in Mississippi, accounting for 4.3 crash fatalities for every 100,000 residents, followed closely by Montana at 4.2. This could be because, according to the Mississippi Department of Transportation, only 78 percent of Mississippi drivers wear their seat belts compared to the national seat belt usage of 90 percent. Check out: http://rlbcarcare.com

Meanwhile, on days that had typically fewer road accidents, the safest states regularly clocked in below one fatality for every Excel Digital’s marketing 100,000 residents. On Mondays, New York, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts were tied for the safest at 0.6. On Fridays, Rhode Island represented the lowest number of the entire data set at 0.4.